Beauty Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Little girls love to look and feel beautiful just like adults do! Why not pamper them a little with these fun and practical beauty gift ideas?

Emojination Beauty Makeup Palette

I wish I could tell you how many times both of my daughters have tried on my make-up. I’ve lost count because they still do it! Why not give them their own Beauty Makeup Palette that comes in an adorable emoji case? 
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Shop The Best From Online Ballet Store

Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

No more shopping for your ballet performance is a difficult task. With a variety of online ballet stores, the task has become a lot easier nowadays. You have choices, quality, prices, and services not offered ever before. Online ballet stores offer a wide collection to choose from various assortments. They are passionate about working for their customers offering costumes and accessories from famous brands. They offer products for kids, males, and females. Thus, they are a one-stop shop for all your dancing attire needs. From amateur, professionals, auditioning performers, school dance performers, all can trust online ballet store for their needs. They offer affordable price and variety in the stuff and hence are popular among dancers.

Dancers can achieve their dreams now in an easier way by worrying less about their costumes and accessories. These stores also offer discounts on various products.
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Never Sacrifice Comfort for Style with prAna Sustainable Clothing #prAnaMom

Who said you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

About prAna 

prAna creates versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. prAna takes pride in combining classic style with modern materials, including bold colors and whimsical patterns to create clothing that looks good while you play hard.  

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Create Professional Online Invoices for Free with Invoice Home

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level?

Begin by utilizing professional free online invoicing tools from Invoice Home!

There are over a hundred invoice templates in a variety of designs to choose from at Invoice Home. You can personalize invoices with your business logo or use one of the 500+ logos available to you in their Logo Gallery. In addition, you may add a “Click to Pay” button to allow your clients to pay quickly and easily via PayPal or credit card. 
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The Freeloader Gets Your Family Moving – TOGETHER #Review

Lighten your load with the FREELOADER!

When I was a new mama, MY mama gave me some advice that I’ve tried to keep in mind as my kids grew.  We were in the mall one day and she pointed to a dad with his child, the dad was obviously in a hurry and was pretty much dragging jr along behind.  My wise mama, said – “would you look at that!  Does that daddy not realize that his little boy has to take three steps for his every ONE!?!”  I’ve tried to keep this in mind when my littles had petite legs and would inevitably just carry them on my hip while trying to balance pushing a baby stroller loaded down with my other babes and answer the phone that wouldn’t stop ringing… I can only imagine the site I must’ve been!  This Freeloader would’ve made my life SOOOO much easier!


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Clean Without Limits with Bestek’s PRO-Cyclone Rocket Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

Clean without limits with the PRO-Cyclone Rocket Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

If you’re looking for a handy handheld vacuum with great suction power that is cordless, you’ve found it! Bestek is the provider of household items that are designed to make your life easier and they have done it again! Their PRO-Cyclone Rocket Cordless Vacuum is ready for any challenge.
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Customize Your Bridal Set or Anniversary Ring at

Choosing a bridal set or anniversary ring can be an overwhelming task. With so many choices it may be hard to decide. Perhaps you have the perfect ring in mind. Why not visit and customize the piece of your dreams!


About Anjolee

The mission of Anjolee is to provide their customers with the highest quality of hand crafted, customized jewelry, using only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds, and gemstones. Anjolee was the originator of the diamond tennis bracelet. Since then, they have steadily expanded into a full range of quality diamond jewelry, from bridal sets and fashion rings to bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

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Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

Are you ready for vacation mentally, but still haven’t ironed out all of the details yet? Planning a vacation can become a bit overwhelming and expensive. Allow Groupon to help make planning your next vacation a breeze and save a few bucks too!

About Groupon

Groupon is an online deal marketplace that was founded in November of 2008. Groupon offers deals that are local to your area, like health and fitness deals, home services deals, meal prep delivery deals and lots more. Groupon also features deals on bedding, furniture, baby gear, computers, video game consoles and everything in between.

One of the best features of Groupon is their coupons. They aren’t the typical coupons you get in the Sunday newspaper. With over 12,000 stores and retailers listed, like Forever21, PetSmart, GoDaddy, Olive Garden and Target, they have coupons that fit your lifestyle.  
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Challenger Sports Summer Camps ROCK #Review

Challenger Soccer Camp Helps Sharpen Soccer Skill

Do you have a baller in your home?  If that baller happens to be a soccer fanatic like mine, Challenger Sports is  going to be the talk of their summer.  I had heard people talk about this program but didn’t realize just how fantastic it is until my eldest got the opportunity to attend!

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Come Fly With Me at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving #Flyaway

Skydiving for the entire family

I am afraid of heights.  Terribly afraid of heights.  So afraid of heights; that I’ve turned down an anniversary trip to Hawaii because we can’t drive there. (Come to think about it – he knew I was terrified before he offered… he knew I’d turn it down… Humph… he owes me an anniversary trip! {driving distance of course!}). 

When we got the opportunity to go “skydiving” I’ll admit I was a little skeptical (and yes scared).  I shouldn’t have been!  We had an absolute blast!  My husband, myself, and my three kids (ages 13-8) all went to the Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, TN and highly recommend it!

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