A Gorgeous Pet Blanket from Gifts For You Now!

So…I’m obsessed with my pets, as you can see, based on the amount of photos on the pet blanket below. Most people are these days and that’s why Gifts For You Now is the perfect site when it comes to giving gifts. They’re great for so many ideas and occasions such as Father’s Day or Graduations, but also National pet days! 

I run a small rescue out of my home. We currently have 17 rescue cats and 2 Beagles (a few pictured on the pet blanket above). These pets are my world and I’ve been through quite an upheaval with each of them. Due to these rough times, it has made me cherish them even more. Even though many will go to new homes which is bittersweet, I remember and love every single one of them. 

In the photo above, sitting on the pet blanket, you can see our newest rescue, Penelope Pussycat (don’t mind the dog toy on the floor). She’s 5-6 weeks old and was left without a mother and found barely breathing due to an infection in her sinuses. She has only been with us two days but thanks to medicine, she is breathing much clearer now. She is finally eating more normally and is gaining strength enough to play with her own feet and follow mama around the house mewing away. 

I’m not the only one in my family who does rescue. My parents did it when I was growing up and my twin sister plays a role in rescue where she lives as well. Pictured above is her dog, Chase, who is a rescue. He’s deaf and wasn’t being adopted out because of it so she took him in and trained him.

Not all cases like Penelope Pussycat’s or Chase’s turn out for the better. Rescue can be very rewarding and very emotionally heavy at times. However, I can guarantee you that remembering those sweet faces, whether they went over the rainbow bridge or not, is a beautiful memory. That’s why I couldn’t pass up getting a customized pet blanket from Gifts For You Now. 

Gifts For You Now has so many gifts for pet lovers but these gorgeous pet blankets caught my eye. I made a collage for the first blanket which is a Photo Sherpa Blanket. Since we have 19 pets currently, not counting past pets, I couldn’t choose which pet to put on the blanket so I fixed that issue right quick with the collage. I put the words “The Graham Life” on the side of the blanket because our life is all about animals and the blanket perfectly sums that up.

The other blanket is a present for my twin with her dog Chase on it. It’s the “Life is Better” Sherpa Blanket. They have such a special relationship and I can’t wait to give her the blanket. The inside of the blanket is unimaginably soft. As you can see, the material is very comfy and high-quality. They didn’t pull any punches with these blankets and they were worth every penny. Penelope sure has been happy with her blanket! It was hard not wanting to buy every gift they offered but I’m extremely happy with the ones I chose.


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Logitech Harmony Elite and Amazon Alexa Make a Great Pair

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Find Harmony in Your Life

Technology is amazing, and it makes our lives so much simpler.  Due to many of our technological advances, we can do things much faster, which in turn gives us more free time.  The Logitech Harmony Elite is one device that has really made my life much more simple and streamlined.  Most noteworthy is that my Harmony and Alexa can work together to save me time and energy.

About Logitech Harmony Elite 

Harmony Elite is a remote control hub that will work with Amazon Alexa to control your entire entertainment experience with just your voice.  It is sleekly designed with a color touchscreen, motion-sensing backlit keys, and one-touch automation.  Harmony Elite works with over 270,000 smart home devices, so you just need your voice or one touch on the control to do just about anything.  
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Give Dad An Akribos XXIV Watch This Father’s Day

How do you choose the perfect gift for the dad in your life? Do you randomly go into a store and just grab a generic gift or do you spend time making a gift, searching websites for the perfect gift or do you take advice from your best friend? This year, I found my husband a beautiful watch from Akribos XXIV on Amazon.

Father’s Day is already here. It seems like this year just started, but it’s the beginning of summer, time to grill out, enjoy the beautiful warm weather and celebrate our dads. Before you decide what to get the dad in your life, check out Akribos XXIV watches.
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Sashka Co. – Gorgeous Jewelry for a Great Cause

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been unable to buy bracelets because my wrists are the size of bird wrists. They’re tiny and that’s no exaggeration. I came across Sashka Co. and their claim that their bracelet fit your wrist no matter what size it was, caught my attention. Their bracelets come in a one-size-fits-all and that’s never worked out for me, in a million years, ever. 

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Father’s Day Gifts From Personalized Cart Will Make His Day!

Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day with great presents that bear his name or initials.  He will be able to tell just by looking at these incredible gifts that a lot of time and thought was spent on him.  You can choose the perfect item, then pick what you want it to say, along with the font.  Dad will love his personalized gift.

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Celebrate Dads This Father’s Day With Sweet Gifts From Finn + Emma and Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Here are some must-have gift ideas for brand new dads, and those that have been around the block a few times.  These gift ideas from Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Finn + Emma speak volumes about how much a father is loved.  Plus they can be given to current dads and dads who are expecting their bundle of joy soon.

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BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Is a Clever Space Saver #MomGradDad

If you need more light but don’t have a lot of space in your work area, the ScreenBar eReading Lamp is for you! It features an LED light that is auto-dimming. The built-in ambient light sensor instantly adjusts the brightness level automatically, creating the perfect amount of light for reading. or working. However, if you want to use the lamp as an additional light in the room you may manually adjust the brightness level for the desired effect.
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Protect Your Kids in the Water with the Oxyboo Smart Floating Swimsuit

Well, it’s piping hot here in Missouri which means we will take all the water time we can get. Unfortunately, the storms have been ruining that for us until this week. Thankfully, we got a little break in the storms and were so excited to get out into the water and break in our new swimming clothes. We were most excited about the floatable Oxyboo swimsuit my niece got to wear.

About the Oxyboo Smart Floating Swimsuit

Oxyboo has created a soft, breathable hypoallergenic floating swimsuit that is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and the child’s blood oxygen rate. The sensor is sealed in a medical grade silicone, fully encapsulated. This incredible technology in swimwear is launching this week just in time for the summer swim season. 

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Otter Pass Has Gifts For Dad: Where Style Meets Function #MomGradDad

Finally! A Gift I Know My Husband Will Actually Use!

Otter Pass Has Gifts For Dad Where Style Meets Function
My husband is a simple man. He is a laid back guy who doesn’t like a fuss made over him. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, watches ESPN to relax and loves the heck out of his family! It is always a head-scratcher when it comes to choosing the right gift for him. This year I finally found a gift I know my husband will actually use!
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