Fountain Of Youth: 4 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Younger

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Are you starting to show signs of aging? Are you getting frustrated by people thinking you’re older than you are? If so, you’re in the right place. There are a variety of techniques you can use to help you look younger and more vivacious. Here are four of the best beauty tips to help give yourself a youthful look. Continue reading “Fountain Of Youth: 4 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Younger”

DIY Spa Night! To Rejuvenate and Recharge

It’s a shame that we don’t treat ourselves to a luxurious spa night more often, but it tends to be so very expensive. You pay for the service, though, which is usually impeccable – while the soothing aromas combined with the perfect pressure of a massage leaves us dazed, relaxed, and basically softer than jelly by the end of the session.

Luckily, avid spa-goers have scrambled together a list on how you can enjoy the same luxury in the comfort of your own home, making your wallet feel a bit calmer, and helping you to find moments of peace in the middle of the week.
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Prominent Birthmark? 3 Treatment Options To Consider

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Having a prominent birthmark can be embarrassing and often makes people feel self-conscious. Although most birthmarks are not in any way harmful, many people still wish that there was some way that they could remove the offending blemish. Luckily, there are a number of different options that may be able to help you lighten your birthmark to reduce its appearance or remove the birthmark entirely. With this in mind, we’ll now look at three of the most common methods of birthmark removal. Continue reading “Prominent Birthmark? 3 Treatment Options To Consider”

The Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Aging is something that no one can avoid. Everyone grows old at some point in their lives and it’s really up to us to try and minimise the effects of aging. Through the use of different products, a healthy diet, and general good habits, you can age gracefully without much trouble at all. However, you’re going to need some guidance, and this brief article will teach you all about how you can look your best even during your senior years.

Avoid cosmetics as much as possible

When you age, you probably have an urge to cover your wrinkles and imperfections with makeup. This is usually done to give yourself a much younger look, but this can have some adverse effects later on in your life. If you want to show off your beauty and age gracefully, then you’re not allowed to hide it. Using makeup itself is fine, just make sure you don’t paint your face too often and make sure you never ever sleep with it on. Even if you’ve just come back from a long day at work, make sure you clean off your makeup properly. Wear less makeup if possible and try to stay clear from heavy products.
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Tips For Perfecting Your Sleek Look For A Night Out Downtown

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The weekend’s coming up, and you’re looking forward to going downtown to do something fun like a nice dinner or a show. There’s just one problem: you have no idea how to dress to show the world what a stylish and urbane person you are. Have no fear, because we’re here to help. These tips will help you pick out a sleek wardrobe so you’ll always be prepared to hit the town with style.

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Women of Wonder: How the Standard of Beauty Has Changed Throughout Time

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

It’s hard for many people to believe, but today’s perfect model’s body and blonde hair would, at one time in history, have been termed “sickly.” Perceptions of beauty have changed throughout time dramatically just like fashion trends. That’s often due to the media’s ever-changing representation of what’s ideal. Regardless of what is considered beautiful, everyone strives to fit in. It’s just part of human nature and that often requires change on a personal level. Fortunately, unlike times prior to the Renaissance Era, over the past 100 years plenty of photographs and portraits have documented the changes. The perceptions of what’s ideal can clearly be seen, especially within the past century.
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Tiny Details That Make A Huge Difference To Your Look

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Trying to look your best is for many people an endless attempt. If you feel as though you have attempted this particular goal from all angles, you might be wondering what’s left. There is plenty to consider, but something that is hard to overstate is the importance of details. Paying attention to small details is hugely important if you want to perfect your look, whatever it is that you might actually be going for. But is it true that certain details hold more sway? As we will see in this post, it might be that a few key areas are particularly important when it comes to focusing on those smaller details.


We all know that choosing the right shoes is important for any look – and also that doing so can be incredibly hard to do. With the right pair of shoes, any look is finally complete, and this is a quest that many people struggle with from time to time, some people for many years. The main thing to bear in mind here is that you need to try and find something which actually works for the outfit in question, not just generic pairs which will work with most of your dresses. You want something specific for each and every occasion, as far as you can make that happen. You might be amazed at what a difference it can make, and it is the kind of difference that you will definitely be glad of once you have accomplished it.
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Find A New Style By Focusing On Your Best Features

Every woman has a distinct style. It’s how we set ourselves apart and show the world what we’re about. But, while we all have that in common, the way we reach our styles vary greatly.

These differences can make it difficult if you’re on the lookout for a change in pace. Finding a new style which suits is no easy task when there are no set rules about what might work. The answer? Find a fashion which focuses on your best features. It may seem simple enough, but it’s amazing how few women follow this outline. Rest assured, though; getting this right is a sure way to take your style up a notch. First, of course, you need to work out what you consider to be your best feature. Then, you can set about finding pieces which work. To help you out, we’re going to look at a few different pieces for a few different features!
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Beauty Balance: 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Appearance

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“Look good, feel good.” This mantra might be a tad cliché, but it couldn’t be truer. Sometimes, improving the way we look on the outside can do wonders for how we feel on the inside. If your confidence could use a boost, then try these three methods for improving your appearance that will put some pep in your step. Continue reading “Beauty Balance: 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Appearance”

Beauty Brilliance: 3 Tips To Pick The Glasses Best Suited For Your Face Shape

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If you aren’t able to see things that are close up or far away, then you would probably benefit from wearing glasses. However, the glasses that you see in the optometrist’s office might not be the style that you want to wear, especially if you’re younger. There are a few trendy styles that are available and a few tips to keep in mind so that you choose something that is suitable for the shape of your face no matter what color or design is available.

Contrasting Ideas

Instead of getting a pair of glasses that will match the shape of your face, find a pair that will contrast with the shape. It will help to balance the angles of the face as well as the finer details that are sometimes overlooked and prevent the face from being the same shape throughout. An example would be round glasses with a face that has angles or glasses that are more of a square or rectangular design if you have a round face. Your frames should also be in proportion with the rest of the face. Don’t get glasses that are too small because they can get lost with the other facial features or those that are too large because they can sometimes make the rest of the face seem larger as well.

Talk To An Expert

When you visit an eye doctor, find out about the latest styles that are offered. Ask about colors and some of the types of glasses that people your age get. You can also talk to the eye doctor, like the professionals at Evans, Robt. L Dr, about various shapes that would work well with your face and that won’t get in the way of seeing out of the glasses. While you’re at the office, the doctor will usually let you try on a few pairs until you find the right frame that suits your facial shape and that you would enjoy wearing during the day.

Coordinating Colors

One of the things that you might not think about when choosing glasses is the color. There are more colors available than just black or brown. You could get something that is a little brighter, such as blue or purple. Another option is to get gold or silver for a sophisticated look. Choose a color that will accent your features, such as your hair color and eye color.

When it’s time to get glasses, there are numerous design options available. Try on your frames before you make a final decision. Consider getting a few pairs so that you can change the design when you want.