Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener 

Do you feel unsatisfied with how your garage door looks and sounds? Does it feel like it came from some long and forgotten times where rust, noise, and jamming were something common and acceptable? Well, maybe it’s time to get back to the present and do yourself a favor by replacing your garage door with something better, safer and safer for you, your home and your family.
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Why Homeowners Opt to Remodel?

If you had to choose between remodeling your home and buying a new one, which would you choose? If you choose to remodel your home, you’re with the majority, as most homeowners, today are pouring their money into home remodeling over buying. But is home remodeling really a better choice or does the nation’s economy play a major role in the decision-making process? What other factors would influence a homeowner’s decision to remodel the home? Here, we’ll examine some of the top reasons why more and more homeowners are taking the remodeling option rather than looking for a new home.
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What Do Commercial Roofers Do?

The most important aspect of a business besides the products or services that it offers is its place of business itself. Just as a home provides protection for its residents, commercial establishments protect the products and other investments of the business. Most of these establishments come in the form of a building, warehouse, or structures with complex designs reflecting the image the business wishes to project. Though commercial establishments may have different forms and designs, they do have one thing in common: a roof is specially designed to provide superior protection.
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What Makes a Great Patio?

When you have a large family or like to throw parties every now and then, having plenty of entertainment space in your home is important. While an upgraded living area or a kitchen works great, it’s also ideal to create an excellent outdoor space whenever possible. Mother Nature is the best exterior designer and she shows off her chops during summer and spring when the outdoors come alive with blooming flowers, nice breezes, bird songs, and the refreshing aroma of freshly-mowed grass. Is your home’s patio living up to her standards?
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Planning your Home Improvement Project in 3 Simple Ways

You probably already know how costly and time-consuming home remodeling projects can be. This is especially true when they involve your home’s exterior components, including your roofing, siding, and gutters. Because these are highly visible from the curb, you need to make sure they make the biggest impression. Here are three easy ways to ensure that your home exterior makeover runs without a hitch:
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How to Prevent Injuries and Damage to Your Driveway

While slips, falls, and other accidents at home are more likely to happen on staircases or wet bathroom surfaces, your driveway can also pose a danger. Long stretches of pavement make the perfect place for games of roller hockey, basketball, or other outdoor sports, but the presence of motor vehicles near children requires you to take precautions. If you’re concerned about injuries occurring in your driveway, there are a few simple steps you can take to secure your property.

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Window Installation Quality Checklist: A Guide for Homeowners


 Window replacement is an important home improvement project that can bring a number of advantages to your home. And as one would expect, a home improvement project as valuable as this typically requires quite an investment. This makes it all the more important to make sure that everything goes well, from planning to installation.

In this post, I will guide you toward identifying if your new windows have been properly installed.
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A Guide to Roofing Contractors: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Roofing is a fairly straightforward process but it’s understandable for those who are working with contractors the first time to feel overwhelmed. You know choosing the right roofer is crucial to the success of your roof project but how do you do that anyway? In this post, you’ll not only learn how to choose a roofing a company but what you should expect from them as well.
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Winter Prep: 3 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Furnace

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

Your furnace is a critical system for home comfort. It is also one of the more expensive pieces of equipment in your home, so you want to keep it a good condition for as long as possible. Good furnace maintenance will also help you to keep your annual energy costs in line with your budget. Here are 3 tips for keeping your furnace functioning as long as possible.
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What to Expect After a Window Installation

So you’ve decided to invest in new and energy-efficient replacement windows for your home. Congratulations! Taking that step can allow you to improve not only the overall beauty of your structure but also the comfort and performance of your home. We understand that window replacement is a difficult task, especially if this is your first time installing new windows. Most homeowners focus on preparing for the actual installation process, which is a great and surefire way to ensure the success of your project. Many people, however, forget to think about what comes next after the installation.
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