Canada Just Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary – Tips For Visiting This Wonderful Country


Ah, Canada. Home to hockey, great beer, plaid shirts, amazing music and the largest concentration of down-to-earth people you could meet anywhere in the world. With an eminent intellectual trade of astounding universities, beautiful weather and gorgeous, stunning landscapes, Canada should be the first one on your list when it comes to exploring a western culture that you haven’t seen before.

Canada has been in the news lately, as it has recently passed 150 years since it’s founding as a nation state.Canada is an interesting country geopolitically, as it still holds Queen Elizabeth II as its sovereign, but in many ways it is independent. Canada has an eclectic mix of cultures, languages (mostly English and French,) and historical landmarks for you to sink your teeth into as a budding tourist.

If you are convinced that Canada should be your next destination, there are a certain amount of preparations you should make, and little quirks to understand if you’d like to enter Canada for a stress-free visit.


First of all, you need to assess your eligibility to enter Canada. This isn’t more or less stringent than most Western cultures, and border patrol will be as fair to you as possible. But they do prefer that you’re in good health, have a valid passport and aren’t bringing any materials which make it look like you intend to work in the country. If you’re from a list of friendly allied countries such as the USA, the UK or most European countries:

You Won’t Need A Visa

You might not need to bring a Visa. Instead, you might just simply need to bring your passport depending on what country you’re from. Check here to see the countries affected by a visa requirement. However, even if you don’t require a Visa, but plan to visit Canada for six months for reasons of work, travel or tourism, you might need to apply for an eTA, Canada’s new screening process.

This screening process is purely electronic and will be applicable even if you only need a passport to visit the country. You can apply for an eTA online at, as it’s best to stay prepared well in advance and let the authorities process your application before you arrive. Often referred to as Canada’s ‘mini visa,’ it is a system designed to accelerate and improve the accuracy of its border entry process.

You’ll Need To Wrap Up Warm

Canada can be a cold place. There is always a part of Canada that is covered in snow, so it’s worth being as prepared for this as you would be a winter holiday. Bring thick winter coats, waterproof and textured winter boots, and a thermos of coffee during every place you go. You’ll never know when you need it.

You’ll Need To Plan Your Destination In Detail

Remember, Canada is a massive place, and despite its size has a less dense population spread around those areas. It’s common that to access the urban areas of one province to the next; you’ll need to drive a solid 24 hours. Be sure you plan all of your routes in detail and mitigate these long travel times with efficiency

Once these considerations are taken care of, you can be sure you’ll have a wonderful visit to this beautiful country.


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