Chi Candle – Relax and Feel at Home!

There is nothing better than the scent of a fresh-smelling candle. On occasion, candles can have harsh scents that truly make it hard to enjoy the relaxation a candle can bring. Chi Candle has quickly become one of my favorite candle companies because of their magnificent candle lines. The candles immediately make you feel calm, even before being lit. Not to mention, they are made of great ingredients that are better for you when burned. 

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All the Best to Pamper Your Pet from Hartz!

Hartz is a classic pet supply company that have been around for ages. They always have decent pricing and seem to provide just what pet parents need. I was giddy excited to look through their website to see just what they had to offer. There is a nice variety and I knew I had only seen a fraction of it. Although ordering straight from their site isn’t an option, most items give you a “where to buy” button so you can see what stores offer it.

I would say, the most loved item was the Jute Bug Cat Toy. We have ten rescue cats and each one of them took turns stealing this dragonfly and running off with it to hide it. It was the cutest, most hilarious thing we had seen in a while. We also got the Twirl and Whirl Cat Toy that was also a hit but the dragonfly stole the show. 

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift with Gifts For You Now!

There’s nothing better than stumbling on that one Father’s Day gift you would have never thought of. Especially when that gift is perfect and makes you wish the day to give it to them was sooner. When we got the chance to peek through the numerous gifts that Gifts For You Now had to offer, we were excited to find some amazing options. 

My husband’s father got a a motorcycle back in 2013. It was something he had been dreaming about since he was a young man. It elated him and it has become a big part of his life. When we stumbled on the Personalized Motorcycle Wall Sign, we knew that it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. 

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Stellar Style Without Breaking the Wallet – Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglasses are a must have all year round for my husband and I. Especially since one of our vehicles currently don’t have visors. It’s the worst dealing with the sun poking us in the eye while driving during the daytime. Unfortunately, when you have pups that like to chew things, your sunglasses often end up the victim. We were pretty excited to check out the selection Sunglass Warehouse had to offer especially because of the pricing.

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Comfortable and Durable Reading Glasses!

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased new reading glasses. In fact, it’s been a while for my parents as well. So, it was a rare occurrence when we ordered from We’re the type of people that will wear a pair of glasses until we can’t tape them anymore before we buy a new pair. We’re not cheap, we’re just picky about how they feel and look.

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