What You Can Do to Boost the Value of Your Home

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

You’ve poured your heart and soul into arranging your perfect home over the years but the time has come to move on. No matter the reason for your move, you don’t want something you’ve maintained so passionately over the years to be sold for chump change.

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How to Eat A Lot of Food Without Gaining Weight

Guest post contributed by Matjaž Macuh

You may think that getting fit and healthy and achieving the perfect summer body requires eating strictly healthy foods in minuscule amounts and in turn, feeling hungry and without energy all day long.

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10 Easy Hacks for a Simple Yet Well-Designed Bathroom

Guest post contributed by Katie Jones

Planning our dream bathroom always takes time and effort. We always have second thoughts on how to transform it into a wondrous place. The bathroom is where we spend the least time but absorb most of our attention to it.

Our day starts and ends in the bathroom. This is where we get to relax, unwind, release all the stress and problems that we have accumulated over the day. So we should at least give it a fresh and fabulous look. Here are 10 easy and functional hacks that will aid you in conveying a simple yet stylistic bathroom.

1. Transform cold tile floors into a warm one with a do-it-yourself rug.

All you need is a little creativity together with the yarn and non-stick mat. These mats are not only there to add style but for safety as well. Non-stick mats are very useful in preventing falling accidents in wet areas in your bathroom.
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Parenting Tips On How to Raise A Smart Child

Guest post contributed by  Sean Lockwood

Childhood is essential for the intellectual development of any individual. In this critical phase, the brain develops quickly and it soaks in a tremendous amount of input. The loving connection that kids forms with parents as well as perpetual interaction lays the foundations for higher thinking skills later down the road. There are many other ingredients that you have to add to the mix, but here are some tried and tested methods of supporting the kid’s growth.

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A Mile a Minute: Planning the Road Trip of A Lifetime

When it comes to planning a vacation, most people will immediately start considering flights to destinations with sun, sea, and sand. But there are so many more travel choices available that are often overlooked. A long-distance road trip features on most people’s bucket list, so why don’t more people take the leap and actually go on one? A major issue is the unfamiliarity of this type of vacation. Most people will have been on a package holiday where someone else takes control of the planning for you. You let a travel agent know where you want to go and they sort everything out on your behalf. A road trip means taking on a bit more responsibility yourself. But it’s so worth all of the time and effort involved. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to undertaking the adventure of a lifetime!

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Tips On How To Pack And Arrange Food Products In The RV

Guest post contributed by Stella Grant

Prior preparation plays a vital role in ensuring a successful recreational tour. Before you hit the road, you should make sure that you have carried along every things that you need for the days that will be away. Consider making a check list and menu for the meals you wish to have. When you set aside all that you need, move on the next step and start packing.

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Pregnancy Massage: Everything You Need to Know

Guest post contributed by Peter Minkoff

Pregnancy is a very special, but at the same time highly sensitive period in a life of a woman. The body is going through a series of changes and adjustments so it could accommodate a new life. Nausea, swelling, spasms, bloating and many other symptoms are a normal part of pregnancy that can cause a lot of discomfort. However, all those discomforts can be relieved with a massage.

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Effortless Techniques and Benefits of Unblocking Drains

Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

We are aware of the signs that tell us that we are soon going to get a blocked drain or pipeline. When the water at our bathroom sinks slowly or whenever the water takes more time to disappear from the basin, we can hear the warning bells of a clogged drain. It is compulsory to get rid of the blocked drain as soon as possible, as it may make the basin dirty and leave the floors of the bathroom with foul smells.
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Live a Healthier Life by Simplifying Your Diet

Guest post contributed by Victoria Lim

Too often happens that people start paying attention to their health only when they get sick. We are so used to being healthy, that we do nothing to help our bodies keep us that way. We are wrong in the assumption that we are invulnerable, and we should do whatever we can to keep our health for a long time. All good things start with cleaning up (or cleaning out), so a road to healthy life includes healthier diet, and there is no better way to keep such diet than to simplify it.

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A Guide on Tile: Plastering and Tiling Services

Guest post contributed by Nivi Watson

Nowadays, people are getting more and more creative as well as aware in regards to the décor of their bathrooms. They pretty much go overboard with the themes, colours, tiles, designs, and styles. So, here you are going to learn about numerous types of bathroom tiles available in the market and some tips for the same by the professionals offering plastering and tiling services. This information can help you with selecting the appropriate tiles for your bathrooms.

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