Be Prepared with the Most Popular Back to School Items for 2018

Before we know it, there will be talk of starting back to school and all the fun shopping adventures that it will bring. Teachers will hand out a list to each new student, telling them what supplies they will need for the coming school year. Kids will oooh and ahhhhh over backpacks, tennis shoes and notebooks. This school year, try out fun products from Scribble Stuff, USA Gold, and Board Dudes. These companies take great pride in the products they produce. And after trying them out, I can see why.
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Get Organized with momAgenda Day Planners

Staying organized is a problem I have to deal with daily. There are a lot of people out there who naturally can stay organized just by being who they are. Then there are people like me who lose track of time, put off things and then plain forget everything they are supposed to be. This is why momAgenda is my new best friend.

momAgenda is a company who wants women to be organized in their day to day lives. Whether you organize your day on an old-fashioned wall calendar, use your phone or computer, it’s always nicer to have a hard copy of your daily plans.

I’m not that mom who can remember to put the kid’s schedule, my husband’s schedule, doctor’s appointments, the dog’s grooming schedule, oh! and my daily plans in any form. But, this company has thought of everything. I honestly never thought  I’d find a book that I could put all my notes, appointments, computer passwords, and everything else. But, I finally have. And I am so grateful that I have!
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Give Dad An Akribos XXIV Watch This Father’s Day

How do you choose the perfect gift for the dad in your life? Do you randomly go into a store and just grab a generic gift or do you spend time making a gift, searching websites for the perfect gift or do you take advice from your best friend? This year, I found my husband a beautiful watch from Akribos XXIV on Amazon.

Father’s Day is already here. It seems like this year just started, but it’s the beginning of summer, time to grill out, enjoy the beautiful warm weather and celebrate our dads. Before you decide what to get the dad in your life, check out Akribos XXIV watches.
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