5 Things I’ve Learned From Santa

Lessons from the Elf in the Red Suit…

I have been touched by people I’ve never met.  Have you?  You hear a story that pulls at your heartstring, see a hurting child …  

When compared to the billions of humans who have graced this earth, there are few who actually make a difference (for the good) universally.  I’m not here to discuss whether Santa is real (I’m pretty sure we can all agree he isn’t 😉 ).  However, I would like to share some things I’ve learned from this jolly soul that warms the hearts of men, women, boys, & girls around the globe.

One person can make a difference:

One man has become a legend that the entire globe celebrates.  One man.  One ideal.  One legend.  One.  Someone has to be the “one”.  Why shouldn’t it be me?  I may never impact the world but I can impact “my” world!

Cookies are better with milk:

Can I please get a witness here?!?  So this ones a little on the silly side but hey, the man knows his cookies!  My only disagreement with St. Nick is: It’s gotta be OREO’s and milk!

It’s more blessed to give than to receive:

I have seen this one play out more times than I can count!  I still enjoy the occasional gift under the tree, but there is absolutely nothing that compares to the site of one of my littles getting exactly what was on their wish list.  

We were recently honored to help a family in need.  How humbling it is, to see those who have nothing and their sincere gratitude for things we take for granted – Every. Single. Day.  

The more you sneak – the more you are sought:

If only my ever growing preteen could get a hold of this one…  Countless children have stayed up into the wee hours on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the elf in the red suit descending the fire place.  

Sneaking around works for Santa, but as for the rest of us – If you have to sneak to do it, you probably shouldn’t!

We all need someone to believe in:

There is a longing in the very fiber of mankind to believe there is something bigger than we are.  For many the symbolism of Santa is just that.  

Personally, I choose to believe there is someone bigger and wiser and kinder and generouser (I know that one’s not a word – work with me people!).  He comes to us in the name of Emmanuel or Jesus.  I love the joy that Santa brings to the hearts and minds of billions each December.  But I love, even more, the joy that my Emmanuel brings to my heart and mind 365 days a year.  

Jesus and Santa are actually quite similar if you think about.  

Jesus is the ONE person who did make a difference for all mankind.

Jesus led by example with being more blessed to give than receive.

Jesus will seek you out no matter how hard you may try to hide.

Jesus is the ONE we can believe in!

As for the cookies and milk, I can’t prove it, but I have to believe Jesus would side with me on the whole Sugar cookie vs. OREO! 🙂


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