How to Keep Yourself Happy During Menopause with Lack of Libido

Guest post contributed by Brian Adam

Menopause is a transition all women go through, being accompanied by a number of significant changes. With the menstrual cycles coming to an end and the hormone levels fluctuating, it’s no wonder that one begins to suffer from hot flashes, experience mood swings and, probably for the first time in life, to deal with the low sex drive. However, before you despair, you should know that there are several measures you can take, in order to go through menopause and still maintain your happiness. Let us find out how to get over the menopause blues.
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Prepare for Your Next Road Trip: Should You Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

Guest post contributed by Marie Nieves 


Thankfully, we live in a time when the transportation industry is as serviceable as it is widespread. Road trips are a luxury most of us can afford nowadays, but the preparation for it can be a real headache. One of the decisions that can come up based on a range of factor is related to the titular vehicle – to rent or not to rent?
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Beach Approved – Beach Essentials Every Girl Needs

With the summer fast approaching, every girl wants to be ready for the hot beach days. In addition to toning our bodies and going on a healthy diet, we need cute accessories and a few other essentials if we really want to stand out and look good. If you’re wondering how you can make this year’s summer more memorable and fun, look no further. We come to your help with the thing every stylish woman needs to make her feel sexy and comfortable at the beach.

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Discover Secret Islands in 2017

Guest post contributed by Marie Nieves

Do you have a sense of adventure?

With some spare time on their hands, people often tend to opt for the more obvious choices when tourism is concerned. It mostly ends up being big cities like Rio De Janeiro, Paris or Dubai, or legendary locales like the sun-bathed Valley of the Kings, the snow–covered Himalayas, or the unique fjords of Scandinavia.
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Custom Pallets Turned to Furniture: Ideas You Should Know!

Guest post contributed by Amelie Lawrence 

If you have leftover custom pallets, there is a lot which you can make with the same. You will just need to emphasize on your furniture needs and you can make out the best from the piece you have. Nowadays, Pallet furniture is very much in style. Therefore, emphasizing on the same is one essential aspect. These are durable, and cheap to build. Therefore, using this idea at the time of home remodeling is suggested. Mentioned here are some top furniture ideas, which you can make out of such pallets.

Custom Pallets – Trolley
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Leaving the Nest: How to Declutter Your Child’s Room When They Move Out

Guest post contributed by Dixie Somers

A child leaving the nest is an emotionally conflicting time in the life of a parent. If you’re facing this milestone with your adult child, it’s normal to feel a mixture of apprehension, excitement, and even sorrow. Whether they’re leaving home to start college, embark on a new career, or to begin their own family, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Many questions arise during this time, such as what this move will mean for your relationship with your child. One of the common challenges parents face is deciding what to do with all the belongings in their child’s former bedroom. Here are some helpful ideas for reducing the clutter in your child’s bedroom when they move away from home.
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How to Protect Your Home While You Are Away

The warmer weather is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing…vacation time! While you are out relaxing and having fun, you’ll want to make sure your home is safe and secure while you are gone. Here are some great tips to help you protect your home while you are away.
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Raising a Responsible Child: The Benefits of Growing Up With Pets

Guest post contributed by Tracey Clayton

A relationship between a child and their pet is exceptional and provides immense love and comfort. Pets influence all aspects of a child’s life and help parents raise strong, confident, and compassionate children. Pets can help children deal with stressful situations, develop empathy, and easily establish new contacts. Here are some benefits of becoming a pet-owning family.

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