Home, Sweet Home: 6 Stylish Weekend Projects

Guest post contributed by Cate Palmer

The weekend is here and it’s finally time to rearrange a few things and freshen up your living space a bit. But you don’t like what you see in the stores, the trends this season are not to your taste or the prices are too high, and soon you’re out of your good mood and enthusiasm to add a few decorative and practical improvements to your home. But don’t worry, because here are some DIY ideas which can make your weekend and home stylish and creative.
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Points to be checked before you purchase used Mercedes cars

Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

In one of the recent news articles, the brand-new C-class Mercedes model has been revised very lightly. This shows that even one of the most established names in the market need to keep them updated to sustain in the market. Some of the old timers argue that the C-class Mercedes car that was launched in the late 90s is the best in the business. The primary point of advantage highlighted by the old timers is that the interior space is well built.
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Are You Ready for the First Day of School? #FirstDayReady

There is no mistaking that if your kids aren’t headed back to school now, they will be soon – the stores are filled with supplies and sales and ads for back-to-school. The beginning of a new school year can be an especially challenging time for parents and children both, although for totally different reasons. For parents, making sure that kids are equipped with the supplies and everything they need to get organized and have a good year is usually the first challenge. Then meeting the teachers, checking out the classrooms, and assessing the curriculum for the year is next on the list.
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Tiffany Ceiling Lights – An Essential Aspect of Home Decor

Guest post contributed by Abby Varga

Tiffany lighting and lamps have been considered as the essential aspect of home decor since 100 years. Louis Tiffany, the manufacturer of Tiffany lighting and lamps used his creative talents to follow his love towards art than following his father’s footsteps. The main goal of his new passion is to enhance the interior design to that of a fine art level.

tiffany ceiling light

Tiffany ceiling lights are the perfect example of artisanship and creativity which goes with Tiffany stained glass products. While decorating your place you can have ceiling light fixtures, pendant lights, chandeliers or any form of light that you desire to have. These light fixtures cater your needs in a unique way to enhance the grace of your home’s interior.
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10 Most Romantic Getaways to Visit in 2017

Guest post contributed by Tony Solomon

Stuck in a rut, without ideas on where to spend the next holiday with your significant other? Maybe you want to surprise them for your next anniversary. Whatever the occasion, if you want to make it special, read our list of romantic getaways below and see what kind of a couple you qualify as. Sometimes, it is best to choose the destination not based on appearance only, but on what kind of travelers you are together. That alone could set the course for your next adventure. 

Belize for Adventurers

For those couples who crave adventure and mystery, travel to the sun-bathed Belize, Central America’s beautiful coastal region. Among many offers, you can visit Bacab Adventure & Eco Park and take a walk in the jungle with its endemic flora and fauna, or cave hike in Actun Tunichil Muknal to see the remains of Mayan sacrifices and have a genuinely bone-chilling experience. Exotic, mysterious, and with the scent of adventure in every corner of the jungle, cave and even in the ocean, Belize offers much to do on its coasts.
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The Best Kinds Of Vacations To Have With Your Friends

It’s one of the things we all want to experience whilst we’re young: a good bonding experience away from the daily grind with our friends. It gives us a rising sense of independence, teaches us a few more responsibilities we all could use, and is generally just a good idea for exploring the world around us. You’ll never be alone and have like minded people around you, which is the main idea that separates a group vacation from a family holiday. Planning a vacation takes time and a few guts when accommodating everyone’s needs. So what are some of the best vacationing experiences you can take your friends on?

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Use Mayonnaise To Look Like Blake Lively (And Other Amazing Celebrity Beauty Hacks)

More often than you’d believe we listen to that amazing song Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann. But no matter how much we repeat the words, “Do not read beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly,” we just can’t help flicking through the pages of yet another beauty bible or scrolling endlessly through the pages of yet another beauty blog. The reason we can’t control our urge is simple: we are absolutely desperate to find out what secrets these goddesses posing as mere-models are using to look as flawless as they do.

As it turns out, the internet has the answers for absolutely everything. It is astonishing and, let’s be honest, kind of freaky too. What we found most mind-blowing of all, though, was the fact our favorite celebrities are using weird hacks and everyday products to look as stunning as they do. And there we were thinking they looked perfect simply because they had the money to shoot cucumber juices and tea tree oils into their faces through magical laser beam treatments some hidden lab in the Hollywood Hills had managed to develop. Silly us.

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You Don’t Have to Go to the Gym to Lose Weight

Guest Post contributed by Samantha Olivier 

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, you don’t necessarily need to lift stuff, visit the cardio area, or take an aerobics class to ditch those extra pounds of belly-jelly. Luckily for those of you who dislike the concept of gym-going, you never have to feel self-conscious, silly or downright embarrassed again in a setting that doesn’t make you feel comfortable.
Instead, you can design one heck of a nutrition plan, stick to it religiously, and find a more inspiring physical activity to kickstart your fitness goals. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, some effort and perhaps some trial and error before you decide what’s the best blend for you!

1. Walk it off

Still, this doesn’t mean stopping at every window to look at those summer sales or soak in the sunset, both of which are intoxicating. Studies have shown that brisk walking, the kind that practically leaves you breathless, is as effective a tool for losing fat as going to the gym.

Get yourself some comfy sneakers, a pair of leggings and a snug tee, and all you’ll need to do is pick a route. If you live near a park, all the better because time spent in nature benefits your overall well-being. At first, aim at that infamous half an hour per day, but for better results, don’t be afraid to up the mileage.

2. Hit the HIIT

On the other hand, sticking just to a walking routine will likely end up boring, and your body might hit a plateau after a while. Complementing your new walk-to-work (and back) lifestyle with an occasional HIIT session can further empower your weight loss.

Luckily, the internet is teeming with various instructional videos with dozens of different combos of bodyweight exercises to create the perfect high-intensity program. Several times a week of different HIIT sessions, and you’ll be burning the extra fat very efficiently, while at the same time toning your muscles and becoming stronger.

3. Dance the calories away

Salsa, Zumba, hip-hop, you name it, it will likely be a mighty item in your weight-loss arsenal! YouTube is also chock-full of videos to guide you through your home workout, but you can also join a dance class and break a sweat on a regular basis with the help of the extra motivation of a group setting. You’d be surprised just how strenuous a modern jazz ballet class can be!

Then again, if you’re daring by nature or just want to flirt with your wild side a bit, pole dancing has become quite popular in the last few years. Weight-loss is one of the main reasons, but it’s also tremendously fun, challenging on your entire body and helps you gain confidence, as well.

4. On board!

Another weirdo on our list, but becoming more popular by the day – skating is not just a way to re-awaken your inner child, but also shed those pesky pounds. According to professor Michele Olson, the sport is surprisingly powerful for cardiovascular endurance, where just your regular board-pushing can burn up to 12 calories per minute, not to mention trying those complex stunts.

However, safety first! Make sure that you’re well-equipped with high-quality skateboard hardware and any protective accessories you might need. Then you can proceed to cruise the streets, join a skate park and look as cool as a cucumber.

5. Bon appétit

Last, but not least, your diet plays a pivotal role in your weight-loss regime. No matter how much you dance, skate or run, the effects will fail to emerge unless your diet is tailored to suit your goals without harming your healthy nutrition.

In most cases, that means you need to eat fewer calories than you consume (about 500 is the healthy limit), and choose nutrient-dense foods to be your sources of healthy carbs, fats, and lean protein, in the right time intervals, accompanied with proper hydration. Choose your munchies carefully, craft your exercise routine, and watch those pounds melt away!

Elements of a Stunning Vintage-style Bathroom

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

As spaces that don’t see much traffic during the day, bathrooms are often unjustly neglected. Small bathrooms are even more often overlooked, as people instantly relate design with ‘unnecessary accessories and trinkets’. On the contrary, a well-decorated bathroom becomes a warm and welcoming escape pod. Vintage-style bathrooms are popular because of their elegant and classy fixtures. If you have set your heart on a vintage-bathroom remodeling, look for fixtures and decorative pieces that date back to the era when electricity and indoor plumbing were novelties.
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You Know Your Child is Smart, But Why Can’t Their Grades Show That?

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

Even if your child doesn’t make straight A’s in school, you know your child is smart. This is a common scenario with many families. You see the brilliant mind of your child, but the grades that are brought home don’t reflect the intellect that you know is present. Fortunately, there are a few ideas to keep in mind that might offer a reason as to why you don’t see an exceptional report card.
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